SSafety andsecurity

SecureMe™ a unique platform to help individual to raise emergency alert, to get rescued immediately and help others in time of thier need. Help and Get Helped.

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Active learning workshop by SocioApps Foundtion brings a new outlook for its participant and strengthen thier fundamentals. Its a community driven initiative.

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We strongly believe in a special position of women in our society. For social upliftment, we focus on women empowerment and upliftment. Join the movement and bring the new.

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We focus on organic agriculture, smart technology implementation with for better productivity, quality. Green, sustainable, healthier alertnative.

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What is SocioApps Foundation?

SocioApps is a Non Profit Organisation focusing on developing technology, for enabling individuals to successfully contribute for good causes effectively.
The vision of SocioApps Foundation is "Societal Wellness through Empowered Individuals". Our mission is to develop a self-sustainable system of integrated devices and volunteers to eliminate most pressing needs of society. The foundation will implement technologies in-order to empower a connected human network. Starting with pilot project will enable immediate emergency alert and rescue operation bringing self-made security, safety and community support system. The empowered system will pledge to eradicate violence against women, child abuse and human trafficking, sanitary and health-care coaching and education support for poor and unprivileged children as some examples. SocioApps Foundation hope to mobilise over 1 million Indian Youth (volunteers) through use of technology to join hands to build a healthy society worth emulating.

Be a part of our family or contribute to us.


  • For me, being a part of the SocioApps Volunteer team is all about integrating values.
    Rahul Bhatt,
    Music Director
  • I consider it a privilege and a blessing to be a part of something genuine.
    Rahul Bhatt,
    SA Hero
  • God bless us in our efforts and may we fulfill the purpose of our existence.
    Ashish S,