Our initiatives

Since 2013 SocioApps Foundation is powering amazing initiatives to drive itself to its mission. Few of the initiative are listed below

Safety and Security

Smart Alert and Notification

SecureMe helps you alert emergency in a click and get rescued in immediately. Our patented technology notifies you about the alerts in vinicity to empower you to help others in time of need. Get App

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Active Learning Workshop

Building fundamentals for stronger foundation

Active Learning Workshops are designed to simplify teaching and make it fun for kids. We are currently focusing on kids from 2nd grade to 9th grade.

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Societal Wellness
Woman Empowerment

Young woman empowerment workshops

Our mission is to empower every citizen to contribute in safer, secure, clean and growing society for women and child. We are revolutionizing our national system with the help of your support and contribution for the betterment of our beloved nation, society and every living being.

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Healither and environment friendly

Promoting, supporting and building communities focused on growing organic food. We help them with technology, knowledge and market. We arwe aiming to build 100% organic village which will inspire others to follow.

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Lost and Found Search

Chakshu: Help me way back

Chakshu App is an attempt to bring a ray of hope to a large number of unfortunate people who are lost to a unknown place and are unable to make a way back home. Most of these unfortunates are forced to beg for their living. Few are forced or sold in flesh trades, as shop helpers or as house helpers etc. etc… We are trying to empower citizens with a tool to initiate a small steps in the lost & found search. Get App

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Support Dreams

Gift me education and Share our Smiles

Support to us anything which can help in their education and bright future. eg. Stationery notebooks, diaries with unused pages in it, crayons any kind broken will do too, sketch pens, erasers, used pencils, scales that are no longer needed by you or your kids. These stationery items will be used by the less privileged kids for art and craft activities by us.

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